Monday, March 06, 2006


Vote the PRC's Out!

Eight months left until elections in South Carolina and what do you see coming? I see more of the same old pap, more of same ol' Democrats and Republicans on the ballots, more of the PRC's. PRC's?? Yes, POLITICIANS, the RICH and CELEBRITIES who dominate the state (and national) political/government scene and have for all practical purposes since the very beginnings of this country. How do we get rid of this ruling class? How do we vote the PRC's out?

Since they control all elections and government, and virtually all money, it will be hard to crack this almost impenetrable fortress using the current methods available which is choosing among candidates provided by the PRC's. The only way is via the "write-in vote" process. Such candidates are not bound by the rules of party-nominated candidates regarding money and campaigning. Write-ins are a choice of the people, financed by the people and campaigned for by the people. It will be a long and slow process to get such people elected, but it could be done and it should start now.

Who among your friends, neighbors, business associates or family would make a REAL representative, a REAL senator or governor? Or, what about you? Anyone would be better than what we have now as evidenced by the recent "billboard debacle" and numerous other legislative fiascos perpetrated upon the citizens of this state by what passes for a governing body, our illustrious House and Senate. Throw the governor in there, too.

Respond to this post with some positive solutions and answers, not the usual barbs that you see on other blogs. We're not here to slam anyone ('cept the PRC's). We'd like to see some REAL government in South Carolina. "OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people".


March 2006  

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